Kasetsart University Kamphaeng Saen Campus

Message from the Vice-President for KamphaengSaen Campus



For previous 36 years throughout, Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus (KU.KPS.) has been continuously and determinedly conducting missions on education, research, community services and cultural conservation. The accomplishment is made possible by cordial cooperation among students, faculty members, researchers, supporting staff, external organizations from both public and private sectors, alumni and neighboring communities.

KU.KPS. is located on a vast area of over 8,000 rais or 3,000 acres in Kamphaeng Saen, Nakhon Pathom, the lower central region of Thailand where is the center of agriculture and related industries. It is a source of diverse knowledge bodies: agricultural science and technology, engineering, veterinary medicine, education & development science, sports science and service industry. Qualified human resources with knowledgeable capability have been produced through undergraduate & graduate degree programs and varieties of non-degree training programs to serve in public and private sectors as well as personal owned business. KU.KPS has also been developing and creating new knowledge bodies, technologies and innovations which are significantly useful and well recognized nationally and internationally. Academic and research collaboration with leading institutions oversea is continuously grown. All of which are our strength that the campus gives high priority on to support in every way to enhance the overall campus performance in terms of education, research and academic services.

Through continuous development and improvement, the campus green environment is very pleasant with fresh air and far away from urban commotion. This is a place suitable for natural studies, recreational activities, physical exercises and conferences with a sport complex to accommodate sport competition at the national level and the upcoming grand convention center. The campus hosts a large number of visitors from all over the country at the beginning of summer when a variety of beautiful flowers is blooming and in early December when the large annual agricultural fair ‘Kaset Kamphaeng Saen Fair’ is held, of which are the highlights that make us proud and delighted as well as our visitors.

In the age of regional and global changes where natural resources and the environment are destroyed and deteriorating; natural disasters increasingly happen; economy and finance are still fluctuating and wide-spread poverty persists, KU.KPS, as an higher educational institution, must be strong, ready and able to create appropriate manpower and knowledge bodies to cope with these critical issues. I, on behalf of KU.KPS., am quite confident that with the great accumulated background of our campus, great strength in missions of education, research, and academic services and persistent determination among students, faculty members, and supporting staff, we can move securely forward following the KU Philosophy that “Kasetsart University aims to create knowledges of the land for the well-being of nation”.

Associate Professor, Dr. Poonpipope Kasemsup
Acting Vice-President for Kamphaeng Saen Campus